Oh my god! Your CD is just lovely! Clara's Mum

"(Your CD) It's really really lovely and rich. It saved the day several times yesterday. Twinkle Twinkle is the best lullaby for a baby stuck on the M1! Literally played it on repeat 15 times to get her to sleep. I'm going to buy another for a neighbour who is leaving, cutest leaving gift." Hazel's Mum

"New CD is fab Cat! We're on a third listen already, Max has asked twice to play it again! Max's Mum

"Having a few quiet moments enjoying my new Little Folk Nursery Rhymes CD whilst my little girl is settling into preschool. It's the soundtrack to her babyhood. #loveit. #tissuesattheready. #carjourneysurvival #emotionalmummy" Suzy & Clara

The CD has been on in our house on repeat since we gave it to Jessica. We love it and she had it on at her birthday party yesterday and had all her friends dancing along" Ruth & Jessica

"Loooving the new CD, Cat! It even beats telly in our house! Particularly love the hokey cokey version...Xx"x Margot's Mum


"We absolutely love the singing groups! Fun, interactive songs for all ages. We try to make the group whatever the weather! Thank you we <3 Cat x" Rachel & Oscar

"Love the class! Cat is excellent and very funny – fun for baby and mum" Kim & Cara

"We love coming to the group – it’s a really special hour on Thursdays. Margot loves the fact that it’s singing with a twist – and live. We try to come as often as possible!" Anna & Margot

"My little boy and I have been coming to Cat’s groups for 2 years and they are a real high-light of our week. As well as being a great musician, Cat has loads of energy and enthusiasm and a brilliant way of engaging with the children. Loads of thought goes into the props and activities to make the songs even more fun. All the other parents are friendly and the atmosphere is great. Cat sang at our little boy’s 2nd birthday party and worked her magic there as well, making his party really amazing. Thanks Cat x x" Claire & Lenny

"We just LOVE coming to this group. It lifts our spirits so much. We love to sing and dance and have fun!" Gemma & Fergus

"Both children love this group. Every Thursday at breakfast Nathaniel (2 years) says ‘Cat singing’ so we try to come every Thursday. Cat is so enthusiastic and brilliant with the kids. Highly recommend – one of the best children’s activities around." Rachel, Clementine & Nathaniel


"Lovely props and loads of energy – Fab – Hope can come again! Love the guitar and the pace too! Thank-U." Mum, Olive & Forest

"Having tried several groups it finally felt like having found what I have been looking for and we have truly enjoyed it ever since – great fun and true participation." Toby & Grandma

"So exciting for the kids and entertaining for parents." Edouard & Dad

"A lovely way to start the day. Fun, great songs and music. We will definitely come again! Thank you." Emma & Bella

"Love it. Prefer the slower songs to fast – Mum can’t keep up" Isla & Mum

"Had an amazing time. It was great to hear some old nursery rhymes as well as the new. Joshua + Rudy loved it. Definitely coming back." Camilla, Joshua & Rudy

"This is a fantastic group in a hut in an adorable community garden. Cat is so full of energy and does a great mix of unique songs as well as the good old traditional ones accompanied by her acoustic guitar. I have been going since my 13 month old was about 5 months old and she loves it! But there are plenty of older kids there who enjoy it just as much. It also keeps going during the school hols unlike other groups, bonus!" Caroline & Harriet

"The best fiver I spend in my week"  A happy Grandad, The Lakes

alexandra nurseries GROUP reviews

"Cat’s Little Folk Nursery Rhymes is a high-light of the week. My daughters love it and so do I! A very special music group." Belle, Sylvie & Wren

"We love the energetic atmosphere Cat creates. There is a great mix of songs and it is a friendly and welcoming class. ‘Five Little Men In A Flying Saucer’ is a particular favourite! The class is now a weekly fixture." Catherine & Lucas

Cat's classes in 3 words - exhilarating, uplifting, and fun! She performs familiar songs but delivered with a twist and is brilliant at making both parents and children feel welcome and relaxed. Hard for anyone to resist!

"Absolutely fabulous class, not to be missed! Cat is amazing, the kids all love it and the class grows more and more each week!! Brilliant." Kate & Maisy & George

"This group is very good fun, lots of energy & very friendly. The children love it & it is helping a lot with Lucia’s confidence. Keep up the good work :)" Zarah, Lucia & Mila

"Fabulous fun for parent and baby! Lxxx has gained confidence and learned so much and we’ve made some great friends too!" Rowan & Luna


"I first saw Cat at Grow Mayow in Sydenham for one of her kids singing sessions, thought she was brilliant, the music was fun and engaging, with fab props to help. She gets all the kids involved in the singing session regardless of age. I then decided to organize a sing song afternoon at my house for my NCT group - 8 mums and 8 babies, and asked Cat to come along and do a private singing session for us. Cat turned up 15 mins before to set up and brought all her amazing props with her. The singing session was a real hit with the babies and the mums to! Cat plays new and old songs so a real mix. I'd hire Cat again, and would recommend her for parties and private group singing sessions" Yasmin Koval, Sydenham


"Worth EVERY PENNY. Don’t under-estimate just how special your classes are. I put a lot of Clara’s confidence down to a weekly Cat sing! Made our day so thank you’ (2nd Birthday party)  Suzy & Clara

"Cat thank you soo much. Alba and her friends loved it. You have some stamina….Alba and I will become your groupies" Jenny & Alba

"Thank you, Cat for making my son’s birthday party a happy, stress free event! Everyone loved your singing from 0-6 year olds and also the adults too. I would recommend Cat to anyone, thanks again! Xx" Sally & Charlie

Thank you Cat for making my son's birthday party a happy, stress free event! Everyone loved your singing from 0-6 year olds and also the adults too. I would recommend Cat to anyone, thanks again! Sally Xx

Cat is a true professional. Calm, funny, armed with props, she delivers classic tunes with a twist that keep little ones entertained, toddlers singing along and parents chuckling away at the same time. Magic! We went to Alexandra nurseries each week for ages and ages and I asked Cat if she would come along to my daughter's 2nd birthday. She was amazing!!! She turned a potential catastrophe in to a total success, somehow managing to put everyone at ease, entertain more than 20 kids aged (tiny babies, toddlers and older children too) and also half us parents at the same time, while the rest of them had a much needed half an hour downstairs. My daughter, Isla couldn't believe her eyes when Cat arrived. A cameo performance just for her on her actual birthday!! She hasn't stopped singing since. Esther Xx

"Thanks again for your magical fantastic-ness today, and for bearing with us with timings. All the kids had a great time singing as I did!….A huge thanks again for making today so special for our spitfire Robyn" Heather CK